About Me

No Food Limits – active – campaign participant 
SwimFor – active – personal challenges/charity based
Lotus Magma, UK – Owner – dissolved
Rogue Run, Portsmouth UK – Director/Owner – dissolved
White Valentine, Doncaster UK – former Band Manager – disbanded
Rugged Carpet Cleaning, London UK – Company secretary/marketing – dissolved
KJRtworks, Kent UK – Owner – dissolved

Solo Charity long distance swimmer

Information and Communications Manager
Website Designer/Administrator
Legal IT Project Manager
IT Training Manager
Consultant – Legal Technologies
Legal article writer / IT software and engineering writer
Martial arts instructor

Summary of qualifications and skills


LLM Masters of Law Research Degree (Highest Commendation)

LLB Bachelors of Law Research Degree (1:2 hons)
Web and IT Specialism (including ECDL, programming, infrastructure, ecommerce and web technologies).

Internet Journalism Diploma
Media Law Diploma‎
ILEX Legal Secretarial Diploma
Marine Biology Diploma
Child Nutrition Diploma
Diploma in Weight Loss
Advanced Diploma in Nutrition
Diploma in Sports Nutrition
Diploma in Health, Fitness and Wellbeing

Certificates, exams and others
Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator – CHFI
Anti Money Laundering/ Risk Management
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam
Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 (Word and Outlook) exam
SharePoint 2010 certified administrator
Beginner Barista Course – DrinksMotion

Secondary education
2 x A Levels‎
1 x A/S Level
RSA Word processing I and II
GNVQ Art and Design Intermediate
10 x GCSEs (A*-C)

Technical Skills:

Legal and specialist systems:
Document Management Systems
Database Review systems
TAR/Predictive coding – ediscovery
Content Management Systems
Various Operating Systems
Network/ Infrastructure technologies e.g. Citrix, SharePoint 2007/2010, Active Directory/ Workgroup policies/ SQL, HTML/PHP, Hosting servers
Voice recognition software
Most Microsoft Office applications
PDF converters and manipulators and online Marketing Campaigners
Development of learning applications

And lots more!

Extended Biography (for when you have a bit more time on your hands)

Kelly J Robinson was born in Kent UK in 1981.

As part of her core subjects in school, she studied Art, IT, Media Studies and Photography. Her influence of architectural structures such as gravestones, churches and gargoyles/animal type monuments was the main focus in her art coursework, and in 1998 she began creating piece involving a particular subject used in most of her exhibited works to date – the dragon.

However, before art took up a great deal of her life, she followed a love of music (as well as being an A grade student in music at school, something her mother to this day cannot understand), Kelly’s first business venture at the age of 16 was being part of a mobile DJ unit called Captivsounds. Prior to this as well as mixing sounds she provided vocals to local performances and outside of school from the age of 13 she also studied dance.

During her GCSE years her artwork was displayed in exhibitions receiving the highest accreditation as well as at school.

In sixth form she studied A Level Art, Media Studies, IT, and in a bid to develop her media skills further, she took part in an international jury for the Banff Film Awards in Canada. In her spare time, at the age of 17, she designed the framework for her first sole trader business KJRtworks. This predominantly centred on her artwork and love of writing, however, in a surprise turn of events she decided to take her further education in law.

Why the change to law?

Law was something that had interested Kelly from an early age, but it was family influence that encouraged her art skills to shine through. However it was not something she wanted as a career, therefore her drive prompted her to change direction. She also openly admitted at the time to having a fear of being an out of work artist for most of her life.

After completing college at the age of 19 she began working at an international law firm (one of the top 5) in London. Doing the day job of a legal PA, the London commute and trying to start a business on the side became tiring, so she moved to a more local law firm and as well as continuing her dream of being an artist/writer on a freelance basis, she also decided to prove a lot of lawyers wrong and began her law degree.

It only took 16 months to complete her law degree and obtaining a first level degree with honour. She had definitely proved her point. At the time she had also gained a new record and the ‘highest commendation’ that the university could provide.

The venture collector

By 2003 (nearly two years after heading to London), her business KJRtworks was also up and running.

During her GCSE years she had produced over 1000 pieces of artwork (the teachers left the marking of her projects until last so they could learn how to operate the fork lift truck), but following her school years work had to take the lead, so her production drastically decreased. What she did produce she sold online through outlets such as Ebay and local advertisements until she completed a short course in HTML, and then in 2004 www.kjrobinson.co.uk was born. The website was created solely by her, and was used to display some of her favourite and selected pieces as signed limited editions, but she still continued trading under other distributors.‎

In 2004 she decided to develop her writing skills further, and qualified as an Internet Journalist with the London School of Journalism. In that time, her day-job career was taking another interest into the field of information technology, and so she began her second degree in IT and Web Specialism.

In November 2005 she drafted a short story competition entry for a journalism group. Combining this with another short story called ‘Leave the City behind’ she had written in 2002, she developed the synopsis for a full series of novels, the first of which is the published ‘The Dragon Realm Chronicles – Stefan Lowe – The Devil, the Angel and the Carpenter’s Son’.

In 2006 she completed her degree in IT and Web Specialism which gave her the backing to transfer over into a vocation she had always wanted to try.

Also in 2006 she designed another website called www.digidragon.gb.com to display books and information, as she was trying to become known as an author as well as an artist.

As a result of a strained relationship with her father, in 2007 she changed her surname to her mother’s maiden name Foxhall. Shortly after www.kjrobinson.co.uk was transformed into www.kjfox.co.uk and Kelly saw this as a great opportunity to redesign the layout of the site, and introduce new and more up to date themes.

By the end of 2006 her career in IT was excelling, and she had left the area of law completely. Between the end of 2006 and early 2008 she had been a martial arts instructor, a website administrator for the Cardiac Network in Kent, a Project Management Officer on a National IT project within the NHS, and an Information/IT Manager in a private healthcare company.

However, in September 2008 she returned to the legal environment in London, as an IT Training Manager in a mid-sized law firm. This is something she enjoyed immensely and to this day thinks it is one of the best roles she has had.

In 2008 she celebrated 10 years of dragon art, and by this time she had amalgamated www.digidragon.gb.com with www.kjfox.co.uk to reduce costs, but also knew that the website digidragon was not conveying the brand she intended. She found it to be misleading, and was the reason for the potential decline in her independent sales.

To strengthen the link for marketing the books she listed her publications on Smashwords and Amazon. Her books can still be found on these websites today.

Before the end of 2008 was announced, she released the second novel to The Dragon Realm Chronicles “The Search for Sarah Sinclair”.

In April 2009 she returned to gallery exhibitions after 10 years where she exhibited ‘Dagobert and the Fairy’ in the “New to DACs” exhibition as well as carrying out a private exhibition in July of the same year.

In May 2009 she had completed her law masters which meant that she could add the initials LLM to the end of her name, and after a short 3 month break, she embarked on a new venture in the month of August called Lotus Magma.

For years her media of choice in her artwork had been oils and digital painting, and as a digital artist she knew the media was not widely accepted (which was rather ironic considering how much digital art has been included in the film industry). It was hard to find organisations that would include digital artists within their collections and exhibits, so Lotus Magma was created as an editorial outlet primarily aimed at promoting artists who remained undiscovered due to not producing artwork under a favoured genre.

As a campaigner of artists, the categories of Lotus Magma grew to include writers, authors, musicians and technology developments.

By December 2009 she had also begun writing for the former Canadian magazine Suite101 mainly under the technology sections.

Throughout 2010 she participated in more art exhibitions, including a private one called the “Ladybird’s Picnic” with Lotus Magma being the co-host.

Following this, Lotus Magma transformed into an international magazine called “Off the Cuff” and in August 2011 Lotus Magma “Off the Cuff” Magazine turned into a fully fledged paid-to-write site, offering work experience to upcoming writers as well as continuing to publicise musicians, artists and technological releases. In addition due to the charity work, and enhanced promotion, several of the writers gained employment in publishing and for others it has helped them secure college and university placements.

In 2011 Kelly and her then partner went on a driving holiday around Europe with an organisation who will not be named, and from this they met several others who felt they could form a venture

In 2012 Lotus Magma grew at experiential rates, networking with some of the biggest upcoming names in the music industry both in the UK and internationally. Lotus Magma then sought to deliver promotions for musicians, web design for everyone, banner advertisements and much more. By the beginning of 2013 this small press publication was receiving 450,000 hits per month.

In 2012 Lotus Uncovered was added as a separate forum providing the same publications and aims as Off the Cuff but on more controversial topics, namely those with an 18+ rating.

As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, in 2012 Kelly also became manager to the Doncaster band White Valentine. She also took her marathon swimming to new distances and began swimming for charities.

In 2014 she obtained qualifications in marine biology which helped best understand how she could continue to support charities such as Sea Shepherd.

By 2015 Kelly decided to release some of her ventures and say goodbye to others that just naturally came to an end. Namely, Lotus Magma, the band White Valentine decided to part ways and a four year venture run by her husband, business partner and her called Rogue Run.

A short summary of Rogue Run – it was created with a set of aims in mind, these were exceeded in between 2012-2015. They were as follows:

– Create a genuine charity driving holiday and not-for-profit venture.

– Form a road-trip which is cheaper in comparison to others.

– Set up a driving holiday that both genders could equally take part in. Just because a person is female doesn’t mean they can’t love cars like men do.

– Raise a respectable amount for charity.


– Have fun.

Rogue Run proved that people can do something fun, raise money for charity and not be pushed into corporate sponsorship or commercialisation to make a huge profit, in addition the team raised thousands for several different charities namely Multi-Sports Club, Jennifer Trust.

In 2015, following a 12 hour overnight swim Kelly was not feeling too well, and that was not because of the salt water. Nine months later Monster was born. This meant a lot of activities and hobbies were placed on the back burner which was a blessing in disguise as Kelly was taking on way too much. This also gave the opportunity to re-evaluate things as Monster had to come first, but at the same time Kelly did not want to lose herself.

Aside from her work, 2015 found her venture plate rather empty, but before the year came to a close in 2015, she re-released the third instalment of ‘The Dragon Realm Chronicles – The Black Hole Wrath’.

2016 finished with only three small hobbies in place alongside Monster-rearing and work. These were and are:

  • SwimFor – personal challenge area
  • No Food Limits – campaign participant
  • Books – longstanding hobby

The books will always continue as this is a life long practice and as long as it become enjoyable then it will continue. Kelly also found herself getting back into art. The last time she had drawn something was five years before.

SwimFor allows her to raise money for her own charities and swim the distances she wants to swim in the desired locations. It is completely flexible, no more jelly babies in the Solent (it takes away the salt taste for those that don’t know), no more events where a formal forfeit has to take place if an injury or illness is present; she can pick the charity, the location and the time of the year; and best of all, she can work the swim around Monster – who also loves swimming.

The second event is due to take place in October 2017 and is called Swimfor2k. It was originally #swimfor2 and then it was realised that this sent a completely different message.

No Food Limits began in late 2016 with an enthusiast start, it is the productivity that is lacking somewhat at present. Owned and led by her mother Diane Foxhall, the aim is to educate people to eat what they want without impacting on their health. It sounds like this has been done many times before but No Food Limits is all about the education, it is not about making money. Life impacting health problems have affected several of Kelly’s family and friends and this could have been avoided if a change in eating plan or manageable activity had taken place.

Watch this space for further updates and information when available.


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