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A week and a half ago Psycho from Borderlands, Lilith the Siren from Borderlands, Chucky and his bride embarked on a mystical journey of creativity, adventure and  in some parts mayhem.

Well what do you expect from that combination.

Ok, so in reality it was my partner, two friends and I who really embarked on this journey. It was off to London, and the event was Comic Con 2013.

Now if you haven’t been before, be prepared to be amazed, as no matter whether you are a film buff, comic enthusiast you don’t have to be a nerd (or a geek), to appreciate the level of work that goes into some of these costumes.

You had everything from someone turning up in a onesie (or so it seemed), to those with the fully electrified costumes that must have taken hours to make.

It has been a while since I have had the chance to be creative, considering all I did at one point was paint, and make things. It has been about 3 years since I picked up a pencil to sketch let alone a needle and thread to make a costume. However, I summoned back my muse and began to create.

Most of the items for Lilith were obtainable from my wardrobe. I just had to adjust the colour of certain items.

I decided to take an old pair of jeans and dye them a subtle brown colour over the denim, I then put them in with my partner’s jeans that I was dying bright orange to give them that dessert sand dusted look.

I then took a red top, and  yellow top and bleached them to give them that not so bright and worn look. Again bearing in mind that Lilith and Psycho travel around deserted wasteland, so their clothes are not going to be pristine.

I already had a brown pair of knee high boots, so the only things I had to get was a jacket, wig, gun and pens for the tattoos as well as some contact lenses, which I thought would put a really good spin on things.

I made the jacket in the end by buying one off of the 5 Pound website and adding a fur collar. The jacket was cut up again so it looked worn.

I actually made the harness for my nerf gun, that my partner repainted in a really cool and Psychedelic  way, however I did not reinforce the straps so that pretty much fell off as soon as I got to the venue.

The wig I bought off of Ebay. Again this is something you have to be creative with. Anyone can go and spend a lot of money buying these items, but it is good to know how to adapt them too. Lilith has a particular asymmetric hair style, so I found a wig that looked perfect for £14.99, and I just restyled it slightly.

On the day I added avatar contact lenses and some fingerless gloves and wa-la it was a success.

My partner’s costume was a little more simple. His biggest expenditure was on the Psycho mask. These can range from £30.00 to hundreds depending on the type of look you want to go for. His mask was on the cheaper end of the scale from the US, and it looked amazing.

Accompany this with some bright orange jeans, fingerless gloves, some bandages and some enthusiasts with a couple of pens for the tattoos and his was pretty much done. He just had to get to grips with walking around with no shirt on for the day.

Our friends were legends when it came to dressing up. Gary went as Chucky the killer doll. He got a Where’s Wally stripy shirt, some denim dungarees, an orange wig and he used some liquid flesh paint on the face to get that doll look and for some of the scarring.

Jean wore a white wig that she adapted by cutting a longer wig and adding shoe polish to the roots. She wore a white corset, and a white slightly fanned mesh skirt with black boots and a black short jacket. she also added green contacts, purple eye shadow and black lipstick which looked amazing.

If you have never been to Comic Con before, as we were told, the more effort you put into your costume the more appreciation you get. The effort pays off, and it always shows. It is very easy to spend lots of money for these events so it is good not to get carried away, and try and make things yourself if you can.

Also, and this is a biggy for me, but be prepared to have your photo taken. I hate my photo being taken but it is the nature of the beast, you will have to grin and bear it – literally.

We all had a great time that day, and can’t wait until the next one. We will be on Rogue Run for the next Comic Con in London, but if you are going to the Film and Comic Con, then watch out for Judge Dredd and Electra!



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