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This post will no doubt remind those who have seen Michael Mcintyre’s “People without kids think they know” sketch – having said that, those that have children or have access to children in general will fully understand this.

When you are ill with a cold or a stomach bug and don’t have children, you can go and curl up in a ball somewhere and get over it in your own time, you may have to look at your Blackberry every now and then if you work in a particular industry, but other than that you can recover at your rate.

If you have children it is a different ball game entirely.

Kids can become ill in the blink of an eye, but on the flipside they can also recover just as quick. Thank the heavens for Calpol.

We were at a friends BBQ last weekend, they are also Monster’s honorary godparents Gary and Jane.

Jane is a stunning, goth creative type with a way with words that are as attractive as her looks. Gary is our gentle giant.

Jane was holding Monster and found herself in a dilemma. Broodiness, which is not something I or any of my friends tend to suffer from. Well this was short lived when my suspicions about Monster’s health were confirmed (as they had not been responding much to food), and Monster threw up all over Jane. Jack jumped in to try and rescue, he grabbed Monster and took them over the other side of the garden who proceeded to throw up repeatedly. And I asked the question that every parent asks – “how does so much come out of such a small person”.

Needless to say, Monster’s awesome outfit had to be changed as they were covered, so was Jack and so was Jane.

Here is part of the awesome outfit (which I found on Amazon), Big Bang Theory fans will understand this.

Everyone had a change of clothes except me, and even though I had avoided the Monster spray, Monster really wanted a mummy cuddle. So I managed to get their hoodie off first but their trousers were covered. I had to wash my top under a tap and wear it semi wet – it is a good job I don’t feel the cold.

Jack had a change of clothes in the car, it was Jane’s house so all good there, though we had a running commentary while she was changing that she had to change EVERYTHING!

Monster felt a lot better and seemed to be back to their old selves again. There was one rather large episode again on the following day which resulted in Monster going under the shower but it was just the one. We thought it was over until early hours of Monday morning Jack starts vomiting.

‘‎No one wants me to sleep that is clear’ I thought as I could hear Jack in the other room. The toilet sits behind our bed headboard so I could hear the whole episode(s).

So Jack was down with this stomach bug, or whatever it was for the rest of the night and the following day which meant I was doing what I could around work, and with other family members chipping in.

The morning was interesting though, the bathroom may as well have had a turnstile, Jack threw up over Monster, then the floor, the stairs the walls, and there is me on my hands and knees scrubbing furnishings at 6.30am, trying to keep a toddler occupied at the same time who really just wanted to help – with Jack’s vomit in their hair.

I then played it safe and put Monster in the bath with me, at least they would be clean and got them ready for pick up by Granddad. By that time I’m trying to get ready, I accidentally left the lid turned to open on the talc and Monster got a hold of it. We were then yetis, so as usual two steps forwards and five back. You could tell by this point that Monster was feeling a lot better as their energy was nearly back to normal and of course we were all getting weaker. Oh the irony!

I thought I had escaped the bug but a few days later in the evening I started to feel ill. So I came home from work got changed and went to bed at 18:45 and didn’t wake up until 08:00.

I don’t think I have ever slept 13 hours in my life, but due to working on my eating plans and nutrition consistently, I tend to get over bugs really quickly. I actually go to the other extreme, where I have the illness in concentrated form, so I feel like death for a day and then I am virtually on the mend.

As this is the second stomach bug in a few months I think we need to be upping the immuno boosters.

Here are the ones I recommend. They are ‘fully loaded’ so can be taken every other day which spreads the cost.