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I’ve been looking for a new phone for a while, and saving up for it, but at the same time trying to keep my BlackBerry Classic (which I love), going for as long as possible. This is not only to get my money’s worth, but because I have to vet the next phone to make sure it can deal with everything I throw at it. It has to deal with several email accounts, marketing apps, draft books and of course blog entries.  At the same time, I need to ensure that the phone will not slow me down (I type really fast), and having used an iPhone for business, I knew that that was definitely off of the cards, if only for data inputting reasons.

I was expecting to change my phone in December and had been looking at the Samsung S7 Edge, I didn’t expect to be buying it this week though.

My BlackBerry went terminal at the weekend, I am sure it had nothing to do with being at Oktoberfest, it was just a coincidence. We went on the Saturday in London, and that night when we got home, my phone started going crazy – of course this has to be the same month as the kitchen floor needing refurbishment, and I mean it needs work! Considering the kitchen was only fitted in March, taking on rectification work several months later was not what we had in mind. In addition, we are going away for a week and that always costs, then of course both cars needed £450 spent on them respectively (even after pre-MOT services were carried out a month ago).

All in all, a busy and costly month!

Back to the BlackBerry, from Saturday night, it was unusable. The menus looked like they were being controlled by an outside source, and I couldn’t take control of the device. So I broke all connections, wrapped it up in tin foil, connected it to a non-networked computer and did a factory reset.

This didn’t work! 48 hours and another £450 later, hello new Samsung S7 Edge.

While for me it is not the end of the world not to have a phone, albeit incredibly inconvenient considering the amount of correspondence I carry out on a day to day basis, I have never, nor do I plan to, treat my mobile like it is a surgical attachment to my body, or some other form of life line.

I know it is hard to believe, but up until 20 years ago, people got by without mobile phones, and social networking. I was 18 when I had my first phone, prior to this, they were not popular, if you had one in school, you (or your family) were doing very well.

Having said this, I now know exactly how much I use my phone, for example, my time on the train is sometimes the only downtime in a day that I will get, so I will clear my mind by browsing general gossip on Facebook, or browse/purchase something off of Amazon (I purchase a lot of off of Amazon actually, normally Paw Patrol related items for the little human), I will Tweet and go on Instagram, or just listen to music. Well when I was without a mobile for nearly 48 hours, I couldn’t do any of this, and train journeys are so unbelievably boring, how did we every cope before. I have said it before and I will say it again, I think mobiles and MP3 players saved commuters lives!

As time has progressed with mobile devices, we have seen the benefits of productivity, for example, when BlackBerries were first introduced in the workplace, it was like a revelation. I still remember one of the associates at a law firm I worked at in 2006, showing a trainee, this is what you do with a Blackberry, and back then they even looked like flattened blackberries. I am still, and probably will alway be pro Blackberry but unfortunately, looking at predicted mobile device evolution, they may not be around for much longer. This meant that sooner or later I would have had to have moved on to a more competitive device, but the good thing is, I can attach a keyboard to the Samsung S7. I will see how I get on without one for the time being, and then perhaps get one in a month or so.

The benefits of having severe dermatitis in a touchscreen world (yay me), on the face of it people think I’m anti-change regarding touchscreens, but when you have fingers that don’t work on touchscreens or biometric scanner, then your mobile device options are somewhat limited. But it is more than that, the advantages of a hard keyboard is that I can type and talk, I can walk and type, I can think about something else, while my fingers are typing out something completely different, and I don’t have to look at the screen. I don’t need to correct the text after I’ve typed it with a hard keyboard as I would need to with a touchscreen, because I know the keys I am touching are the right keys. Additionally, when people say, well you can dictate instead of type, when you deal with confidential information and you are walking from one floor of a building to another, you do not want to be saying certain things aloud, you never know who it listening and with the change in data privacy laws, keeping tabs on the information you are responsible for, has never been more crucial.

Picking the right case is also as crucial in my mind. With the Blackberry it was never a problem dropping it because those things are virtually indestructible but I wasn’t sure about the Samsung as it has been several years since I owned one. I opted for the following in blue to match the phone. So far I am impressed with it. It is sturdy and not inhibiting.

Depending on how things go with the touchscreen a clip-on keyboard may be in the phone’s future. However, I don’t know if one of these will work as well as the Blackberry, I shouldn’t compare really, but I would interested to find out if they help or hinder progress.

So far I’m very impressed with the S7 but time will tell. I don’t feel like I’m slowed down by the device and I have access to far more apps on Android, so hopefully this might be a silver lining type situation. However, one thing I have learned which is a disadvantage is my Bluetooth headset is no longer compatible. Apparently, this is to do with Android 7.0 and should be rectified with the upgrade, but it is undecided when that will take place, so I had to buy another headset. The following, which is a variation to the previous headset I had works really well.