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I’m starting to think my Monster is a speed freak, though with two petrol-headed parents it’s not surprising.

In a bid to wear out my over-active little energiser bunny, I took them to the park with their ride-on tou my mother bought them. Monster found a hill to go down, and decided to lift their legs up, gripped hold of the wheel and squeeled with excitement, leaving me to run behind to try and mitigate any near crashes, (which very nearly happened), and also left my mother trailing behind us roaring with laughter.

I have since purchased Monster another ride on which is Paw patrol themed from Amazon for £11.99. This is their favorite show and so I thought it would be nice for Monster to have one at our house and another at my mum’s. Monster is nearly walking and so it gives them the independence they need in the meantime.

Paw Patrol Ride On

Above is Larry the lemur showing off Monster’s Ride On. Larry is from Wingham Wildlife Park in Canterbury Kent.

Additionally, another sign that Monster enjoys speed, whenever I accelerate on the motorway I can hear Monster in the back giggling and throwing their arms up in the air. This child has no fear, and with that the car keys go in a locked draw at night.

Blackberry surprise!

I was in the process of upgrading my phone recently, when the sales representative on the call mentioned how surprised she was that I was still using Blackberry. In that last year we are seeing more of a diversion away from Blackberry now that Samsung have become a favorite in the workplace and they have the attached keyboard. In business this is quite a key factor as my colleagues and I measured the speed of emailing when using a Blackberry in comparison to a touch screen. One of my previous firms changed to iPhone and we noticed an increase in the time it took to to send a one lined email to a client.

The time increased from under a minute to 6 minutes. Granted there were other aspects to consider here such as connectivity, and the inexperience of not using a keyboard, but for me personally, given that I have such severe dermatitis, I cannot use a touch screen. The keys do not register, and I confess that there are times when I am walking from one meeting room to another and emailing. To do this efficiently and quickly, I need to have a raised keyboard so my fingers can feel the keys as I walk. Otherwise I will be knocking into things.

For me it is a shame that Blackberry look to be meeting their match, but if all other requirements for me (or even three quarters) are satisfied then I am happy. It is not about ‘how easy to use’ the phone is, I don’t know why but when I mention that I don’t like iPhones, people naturally say ‘but they are so easy to use’. I understand that, but I require a device that meets my needs, not something that is just simple to use.
I will stress that I do respect from an engineering process the brilliance of iPhone, it just doesn’t fit in with my needs.

Personally I hope Blackberry to continue. I am not an app person, I use my device to write blog posts, articles, fill in gaps on my books and so on, the only improvement I would like is a better camera.

Also you can still get groovy cases for the Blackberry Classic. This is the one I am using at the moment: