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If I didn’t rely on technology then my work wouldn’t get done. I wouldn’t know what work was waiting for me before getting into the office, I also would not be able to plan my day and pre-empt any work arising. Granted I also use tech for leisure, for example, I listen to Radio X in the morning on the way to the train station, I have the app on my phone and so when I park the car, and switch the engine off, I switch my Bluetooth headset on and pick up where I left off. This makes my half mile walk to the train station stress free (I park that far away because it is free).

The unfortunate thing is that Blackberry appears to be in decline (this I actually find quite upsetting), and as per my last post I had to change phones recently due to an unforeseen incident at Oktoberfest concerning beer. I thought this was an opportune time to bite the bullet (so to speak), and move over to a Samsung Galaxy Edge 7, knowing that I could use a clip on keyboard, which was purchased shortly afterwards, so my productivity wouldn’t also decline. See further details about the clip-on keyboard below.

I am one of those types that walks around the office emailing so I need to be mobile. Given the other ventures I am involved in, technology is a crucial part of making everything work for me. Having said that, sometimes it hinders me beyond belief, for example the latest saga is using my new Samsung tablet (an early Christmas present). Why can I not just access documents stored on the device, why do I have to save them in a completely different location, mark them as offline and then save a copy to another location, just to access and input some text. Normally I am an advocate of Microsoft products, but now I have to ensure that I either have Wi-Fi or my phone tethered, just to access any document. I have tried downloading other apps to bypass this, but the outcome is the same. I bet the Apple Gods are laughing now, considering I have been declaring their devices are counter-productive for years.

What really rubs salt in the wound is that I gave my perfectly good Lenovo laptop to my mother as her early Christmas present, and it has taken two weeks to find out how to access documents offline, that are not actually offline when accessed. Don’t get me started on the Bluetooth keyboard that goes with it. Random disconnections are the reason why I have not posted in nearly a month (and even then I had to upload this post using a PC).

The non-accessibility issue seems to be a pet peeve to quite a few, so I have listed my solution below. If anyone has any better suggestions/experiences, please also share them here, for the greater good and in the spirit of helping your fellow frustrated writer/reviewer.

Accessing files offline – that are not really offline

First things first, if you are tearing your hair out trying to use your Samsung tablet to access and edit documents offline, here is a trick, piggy back off of your phone. I agree one should not have to accommodate these over subscribed conglomerates, we all should be able to access our documents quickly and efficiently, but in the spirit of not throwing your device in a corner to collect dust, here is what you do:

Try Google Drive, there is a function to keep documents offline, but that is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, or it works well if your device is optimised to install Google Docs, which mine of course is not. I have yet to be able to access a document offline, it just doesn’t work. You can mark the document as offline, but just try opening Microsoft Word without internet access.

Piggy back off of your phone – if you have a Samsung phone, you can pair the device for long periods of time to access and edit your documents. Sure enough, we all know the security dangers using Bluetooth for extended timeframes, but I doubt that has gone through the though processes of the manufacturers here.

Samsung Galaxy Edge keyboard

On the flip side, it is not all doom and gloom. The clip on keyboard I purchased from Amazon for my phone, is brilliant! To the relief and somewhat joy of my friends, family and colleagues, it works! In my last post I mentioned, well heavily detailed to be more precise about my hatred of touchscreens. To assist in my touchscreen trials, I purchased the clip on keyboard and stylus which can be used for electronic drawing.

If you need a clip-on keyboard for your Samsung phone, then I highly recommend the one I am using. It is great if you are walking around and messaging, great for those of us with dermatitis and cannot use touch screens, it clips on (it adjusts the screen for you) and is ready to use. The only drawback is that it does not light up the keys. This means that when your little monster wakes you up in the middle of the night and you want to know what time it is, to unlock your phone you will have to remove the keyboard and reapply once you have gained access, but from there it is plain sailing.

Aside from this little flaw, well worth the money.

As always, let’s end with some frivolity with the below video of Michael Mcintyre’s Big Show Series 3 Episode 2 – the opening is about reliance on technology.

I still consider myself to be one of the fortunate few from a generation before technology was integrated into everyday life, and one who remembers what the world was like before mobile phones and the internet.At the same time, considering how far we have come in such a short time, it does surprise people when they find out how old I am (I have good genes), and that as I am one of the first to bask in the mobile phone trend, it is often surprising that I am also one of ‘those’ who gets frustrated by the speed of technology. By utilising my touch typing skills this leads to a very productive but also frustrating life.