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Before we get into the merriment of this next post, the horrific events of the last week in Paris need to be acknowledged. While the terrorist attacks of last week are still on people’s minds, I hope that Paris can soon begin to move on and rebuild. Until then thoughts are with the families of those who lost loved ones last Friday evening.

Over the last week a video did the rounds in the cat lover’s community on Facebook where it was suggested that cats hate cucumbers.

Here is the video:

So naturally I tried it on Noah and Nero. I then found out during the week that several other members also tried it out on their cats. Luckily my husband had been to visit grandma and she always gives us food, and contained in the oversized doggy bag this time was coincidently, a cucumber. My husband said I was more than welcome to take it, which I was going to do anyway, but it is always good to get the go-ahead, and after convincing my mother that since discovering my small passenger on board, and not being able to do a lot of things I could do before, I was not using this experiment as an excuse to alleviate boredom, nor was I going bananas, so she let me have a go.

The result = anti-climatic.

Of course I realised when testing out the theory of this video that my two bruisers don’t get scared by a piece of fruit, they get scared normally by my mother sneezing or dropping something, so like many other cat looking confused in pictures I have seen this week, here is one of my boys sniffing a cucumber and not scared in the slightest.


Apparently the trick is to place the cucumber behind them when they are distracted like eating, however I also tried this and it still made no difference. It was somewhat comforting that many of the cat owners on the Facebook forum also experienced the same bewilderment, but this answers the statement that not all cats are scared of cucumbers, just a few with very gifted owners who know how to play a prank on an unsuspecting moggy.

The video that started this is trailing Facebook (courtesy of several members of the Facebook Cats Protection League group, myself included), it is a compilation of the snippets which are also featured in a Metro online article also from this week.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Nero and cucumber