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This is something that every parent questions, and I won’t lie, when calling my mother up the other day to find out how Monster was, and receiving the answer “Ok, they are on my tablet”, it did send a slight chill down my spin. But we are a society obsessed by technology, is it any wonder that our children are now born knowing what to do with a smartphone?

Well actually, I think it is. I am still amazed when Monster is allowed within a few centimetres of a device and knows what to do with it.

If there is one thing I have learnt over the last 6 months doing this Monster rearing lark is that children are like sponges. Even from birth they are continuously learning, we are continuously training them and we sometimes forget just how perceptive they are.

The above may be a very obvious statement, but when seeing my in-laws’ children recently who are 2 years and ‎17 weeks, I noticed when in the presence of technology, for example a smartphone, much like my Monster they will, as if by instinct swipe the screen. It is not like they are scrolling for something in particular, they just know to swipe the screen. It was comforting to know that it astonished my sister-in-law the first time she saw it as well.

This seems to be the same with laptops. In the space of a minute, Monster had scrolled using the trackpad to several browser tabs, nearly purchasing something off of Ebay and was scrolling through some random website – must remember parental blocks in the future – all because they had sat and watched how it was operated by my husband and I. It makes you wonder what was going through Monster’s head at the time.

The Daily Mail (which is not my first choice of rag), published an article about this and other sites, namely Medical News Today have mentioned the benefits and disadvantages.

While I am inclined to just go with it and accept that technology will be heavily involved in the lives of the coming generations, I can’t help but say, let children be children. Though when I was a child it was the norm to go outside, run around, climb trees, ride bikes and do our homework out of text books, now we have Google. Need I say more.