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This post coincides with another that I wrote a few months ago about the reliance on technology, it also ties in with recent events.

The UK decided it no longer wanted to be a part of the European Union on Friday 24 June 2016 in an incredibly close 52% to 48% vote. Every social media outlet found itself inundated with discussions from honorary self-appointed politicians for the day. While politics have never been so exciting in my mind, whether you voted to leave of remain, it was an unsettling turn of events. I did not campaign for the side I voted for as I felt that this time, it was too personal and we in the UK are in a democracy so why try and influence others. Many, along with the politicians of course did campaign in an aim to sway the majority to their side and at that point it should have been obvious that there would be an outrage at the result.

Now whether there would have been an equal indignation if the results were different we will never know, but I am sure I am not the only one who was equally as shocked at the responses by some people. Not only did I see the reactions from friends of friends but some of my friends, who I considered to be upstanding individuals, resorted to name calling and bullying.

I will say that yes, people have a right to be angry, no one is taking that away from anyone but to call people ‘thick’, ‘wa*kers’, ‘c*nts’ and so on just because they did/do not agree with another’s opinion, is in my mind down right disgusting. This referendum vote was extremely important to us all in the UK, but there has been a lot of disappointment for many years. The people of this country have been at a disadvantage for some time and I think this election was a forum for people to vent their anguish.

While I do no condemn anyone for the way they voted, whether the outcome was right or a mistake remains to be seen; only time will tell. The one thing I will say is that rather than look at this outcome as negative, let’s look at this with a positive view, while change can be very scary, there is no going back from this. The UK will be independent, it will have the opportunity to stand on its own two feet. I do not believe our ability to trade will be severely affected, nor do I believe the country will be in dire straits, but again I cannot predict the future, so we will see.

Following the aftermath of the result, over a million people from the ‘Remain camp’ have flocked to the online petition sites to campaign for a revote. While I understand peoples’ frustrations as it was an incredibly close vote, where does this end? What will happen if there is a revote and then people chose to remain, will the ‘Leave camp’ then petition too?

One thing is clear though, 52% of people in the UK do not have faith in the system and the need for change is a must.

So the title of this post is that nowadays with mobile devices we have the wealth of information at our fingertips yet we still rely on the tunnel vision approach. While the stoke for this was going to be on other topics, I think the referendum vote captures the need for people to do their research because they either speak or post adequately.

In other news, I have now decided that I am going to manufacture a line of square shaped baby bottles with large flat bases and lids, so they can be stood up securely. I have found with bottles that either the bases or lids are too narrow which means that when you pause to wind your little one you end up dropping the bottle or the lid on the floor. At the same time, when this happens, as if by magic either will roll away from you and in your less than awake state, it feels like the bottle or lid is mocking you by continuing to roll as you repeatedly try to pick it up.

Following my debut into parenthood I am currently swimming 22 miles over a maximum of 12 weeks for Helping Hearts. If you would like to donate, please visit my JustGiving page.