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As book 4 will be released in the next month, I will be posting extracts of the first three books as a reminder of the journey so far beginning with the first novel which was released in 2007: The Dragon Realm Chronicles ‘Stefan Lowe’ The Devil, the Angel and the Carpenter’s Son. Please visit the Books and Art page to purchase the entire book.


Having failed to find a book, Stefan embraced the inevitable and sat with all of his financial papers spread out on the dining room table. 
“What to do…” he said aloud. He couldn’t afford to buy the other towers but of the same time he so desperately didn’t want to leave the Estate. He was content where he was, the crime rate was low, it was easy to get to work from, he had lived at the Estate all of this life. 
There had only been two temporary occasions when it wasn’t his home, and that was when he was at university, and the short time he was married. But most importantly, the Estate kept the memory of his mother alive. It had sentimental value above everything. 
Stefan’s mother died four years prior from what was described as ‘unexplained causes’. She had always been in good health but one day she collapsed and was rushed to hospital. The doctors could not determine her condition they concluded it was severe fatigue. Five days later she passed away.  
At the same time of her admittance into hospital, Stefan was submerged in a large case and had not been outside of the office in days. Then one evening he received a telephone call from one of the doctors at the hospital urging him to come quickly. His mother had taken a turn for the worse, and by the time he had got there it was too late.
“Stress can cause a lot of problems which may hide underlying illnesses…” one doctor said. ‘…It seems her body gave up’.  
Stefan recalled entering the room after the doctors gave him the bad news – her lifeless body laying on the hospital bed in complete tranquillity, her face supporting a slight smile like she was at peace.  Stefan could not understand why this had happened. 
After the first day of her admittance the doctors said her condition had improved and they were making arrangements for her to be moved to the hospice wing. Even though Stefan had been told by the doctors (and on numerous occasions by family and friends), that it was just one of those things, he still felt there was more to her death than met the eye.  
There was not a day that went by where he questioned the situation. He felt he could have done more or called someone. He could have received a second opinion, acted on his own initiative, and then maybe she would still be alive today. He refused to believe that the situation couldn’t have somehow been avoided, but back then he was a very different person. He was consumed with the prestige and the power of the corporate world. He was constantly working unsociable hours and took for granted things that he thought would be there forever – but this was not through will of his own. 

The legal world was competitive; if you only gave half of yourself to it, you may as well not have bothered.   
Stefan sat at his dining room table sifting through his papers not really paying much attention to the endless rows of figures. He knew it was hopeless; he did not have enough money to buy the rest of the towers and he knew the other landlords would sell if the price was right. Rumour had it the price was more than right however, he had an undying curiosity as to why there was a strong interest for the Estate. 
He guessed it was only a matter of time before reasoning revealed itself.

Reliving the art days

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For the last three weekends, I have got back into something that I haven’t done for years. No, unfortunately it wasn’t anything to do with having a stress-free day, it was something that I used to do all of the time – art!

Throughout school my main field of education was art and design – which then poses the question why did I go into a career of legal and IT, that to me still remains a mystery even after nearly 15 years, but there was always an underlying fear that if I took up art full time then I would very quickly loath it. While I don’t loath my career, it is a different section of my life.

Sure enough, I was involved so much with drawing, painting and anything visually creative, that just over 3 years ago I had to give it a break. The skill was no longer enjoyable and after several successful exhibitions and charity events, I just lost interest and the very thought of picking up a pencil just made me feel tired and anxious, it was very hard to describe.

My partner and family have spent the last three years trying to peak my interest, and then three weekends ago I did it, I picked up a paintbrush and began to paint.

My best media was always oil paints and then I progressed on to digital painting. The following are some of my works that I was well known for:

DagobertHRDagobert and the Fairy

unicornThe Unicorn

So, this is one of the pieces that I have produced over the last couple of weeks. Not bad for a first draft in acrylics and for the first time in several years.

dragon lady