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That was a long drawn out title of the current chaos my life happens to be.

With the completion of SwimFor2k and the final marathon swim of the year approaching, I am reminded of a swim I had to bail out of last month.

Overall, it sucks being a woman at times – there I said it. Normally I don’t begrudge destiny for dealing me with the, in my opinion, unlucky gender card, but there are other times I just find it so annoying.

I am sure you have heard this rant before, women being the stronger species because we can make life, and we have certain equipment, that is why we have the power (of Grayskull), well that’s poppy cock!

I do not think we are stronger, I think we had a delayed reaction when volunteering for the good stuff, and we post empowering messages to try and make ourselves feel better. After all, there is nothing great about having a monthly inconvenience, particularly if you are athletic, and how can people say childbirth is beautiful? I honestly don’t know why, if you have been through it once, you voluntarily go through the process again. I mean, we are in the 21st century, why hasn’t anyone developed the technology to beam them out yet?

Did Gene Roddenberry ‘s endeavours not inspire anyone in the healthcare profession?

But alas the reason for my rant is because of certain monthly inconveniences, and post-childbirth recovery (yes one can take years to recover, do not pay attention to the internet), and it has cost me another swim, and one I was really really looking forward to.

It wasn’t a race, it was more of a leisure swim around Hever Castle and the first with the influence of Outdoor Swimmer.

Hopefully next year 😦

And for all those who are saying, if you suffer that bad why not get something done about it, well if there was something that could be done, I would have definitely done it by now.

I can’t complain overall though, even though I am doing a good job of it I know, I am nearly back up to my distances and speeds only 18 months after having Monster. Granted when I get to the lido, I feel like I have already carried out a marathon, and often look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards with my kit (i.e. cap is on diagonally, I am fighting to detangle my underwater MP3 player, my straps on my goggles keep loosening), and the swim itself in the morning can normally only last up to 45 minutes. But without sounding like I want the moon on a stick, overall, I am lucky – like most humans, I just forget sometimes.

It is getting to that time of year when the pools are much less crowded, which means I get a lane and the lovely cold water to (virtually) myself, and in the mornings, I get to swim to the sun rising which I love.

I’m still very happy with my MP3 player, it is one of the best I have owned for years, but I am having trouble with earbuds, they tend to let water in, but that is easily rectified. Music for most is a stress relief and I couldn’t imagine swimming without it now.

On the subject of music, I am not sure if it was a reflex of perhaps drinking one night, or if I just missed it, but the relaunch of Lotus Magma Magazine is in place. The new site, with all new scripts and snazzy look has been launched and at present there are legacy articles from the old magazine on display.

In fact, I think it was due to drink because I remember pulling the old LM back up databases whilst drinking rum. Like most tech-people ‘in the zone’ I was drinking at my desk, coding and exporting/importing the old database and sipping my drink at the same time. I must have been doing a lot of sipping because when Jack came home from work that evening he found me laughing at the printer.

I don’t know what it did, but clearly, I found it funny.

More details regarding the relaunch of Lotus Magma will following shortly. In the meantime, the JustGiving page is still open for SwimFor2k for the Marine Conservation Society and look out for further details for my final swim of 2017.

Well it has been a while since I posted, mainly because life is as usual hectic, but even more so at the moment, which I didn’t think was possible. So here are some of the highlights:

  • Rogue Run is now officially no more, the company has been closed down – this was an unsurprising relief to me.
  • Lotus Magma tax affair – what happens when your accountant says they have filed your annual return, then you find out they haven’t, the tax office blames you and accuses you of not being accountable for your company and then gives you a small (actually a large) fine for the privilege of issuing you with a template letter. I wish I could earn that much for changing an address (and I have been involved with some of the biggest litigation cases of our time).
  • Close down of Lotus Magma – it was time to move on.
  • Perhaps a few too many swim events – one of which is detailed below
  • Project Fawks – watch this space (eta 2017)!
  • Project B – watch this space (eta March/April 2016)!
  • #standup250 – this is a new campaign to accompany the current campaign instigated by Sea Shepherd in the Faroe Islands, to help stop the slaughtering of whales and dolphins. Please check out the website and Twitter and find out what it is like to be a Shepherd, either onsite or by raising awareness.
  • Work, work and more work.
  • Finish touches to the new house…. and then the discovery of more jobs – which I suppose is to be expected.

Round up of swimming events

It has been a year of cancellations, but I agreed with the husband that the last swimming event for the foreseeable would be the 12 hour overnight swim in Lymmington.

Where only the niche and perhaps crazy swimmers apply this event began at 7.30pm on a Saturday evening and ended at 7.30am on Sunday morning. Check me out, circled in red below:

12 hour swim
It was a lot of fun, I was allowed not to wear a wetsuit (Yaaaay), I managed to raise some money for the charity Aspire and I was one of only 9 solo swimmers.

I learnt a few things:

  • This was Solent water and no matter how many times I get back in, I don’t think I will ever be used to the taste of salt water on my lips.
  • I love swimming at night. I knew this but I had never swum outside in the early hours of the morning before.
  • A con was that the venue needed to be bigger.
  • I needed to have at least 7 changes of kit (swimsuit, earplugs, accessories etc)
  • For the first time ever, I suffered boredom in swimming and couldn’t shake it.
  • In June, the sun rises at 3:30am.
  • You knock your knee when severely fatigued and it hurts so unbelievably much.
  • You need to be careful what you eat because it will repeat on you.
  • You can never have enough glow sticks in the dark.
  • Tides will always catch you out.
  • Chafing, oh my God, no matter how many long distance swims you do, you will never get used to that level of pain!

The rest of the points right at the very top of this post I think are self explanatory, so I won’t go into detail now, instead I will go and listen to the new Bon Jovi album Burning Bridges (which hopefully means the guys will be back in the UK next year, and figure out how I am going to make that giant Party Ring I saw on Pimp that Snack. Wish me luck!


November is the time of year when I start planning my business goals for the following year, book Bon Jovi tickets if they are visiting the UK and plan the following years swims.

In recent years it has been a necessity to exercise a more structured schedule (as if my life wasn’t scheduled enough), what with the growing success of Lotus Magma and Rogue Run, work is always busy so training for swims is something that gives me time out from all of that.

However, even when the schedule is in a sound place, the planning and re-planning never ends.

For example, I shall be doing my first swimming event in Sheffield in March. It is a 10k (I thought I would get the biggest distance out of the way first), and so the planning and training has already begun. For this I will need to train more, get my diet sorted which I never normally bother with as I am a natural swimmer at heart, I have just got the accommodation sorted, now all I have to do is prepare for the actual weekend this is taking place over.

I always have to make sure that the accommodation can be cancelled if required. You never know what is going to happen, and with swimming particularly open water ones, if you are ill, you don’t go in, mainly because you are susceptible to catching other things. The odd cold and flu is not something you can schedule either, so it is always worth paying just that little bit extra for a hotel that you can cancel, as you will never get the registration fee for the swim back.

As part of the planning, I will also need to make sure I have an aid there. My mother is brilliant when it comes to this, so the accommodation needs to cater for two people.

Along with this I will need to plan the petrol, dinner that evening and breakfast the morning of the swim, not to mention all of the kit and spares I may require.

Normally I am quite lucky in the sense that working in alignment with Speedo, I haven’t paid for a swimsuit in years. So usually wetsuits are my biggest kit payout each year.

Now with the planning of the swims I also have to cater for recurring events, such as Rogue Run which happens in May. If for example, the Macmillan Lido swim happens again next year, then that is October, and ideally I would like to do the Great London swim which is in August. This 10k swim is in March, and let’s not forget the wedding which is in April, so 2014 is mapping out quite quickly it seems.

As most of the above is sorted, I have one additional task to perform which I am very excited about, it is also something that I don’t normally get to do, and that is pick a charity for the 10k swim.

My charity has always been for years Macmillan Cancer Support. I swim on Team Macmillan and I will still continue to do this next year, but for the 10k swim I have the opportunity to pick another charity and widen the scope, which means I get to help more – bonus.

I am swaying towards an animal charity and I think I know the one I will choose.

As I said before, I will still be supporting Macmillan throughout 2014, Rogue Run will be supporting the Multi Sports Club charity for young people with learning and/or physical disabilities in the Eastleigh area, so I think it is the turn for the animals to benefit this time.

Watch this space!

Sperm whale pod

NB: Water is a lot denser than air, therefore a 10K swim is typically the maximum distance swimming events will cater for, and it is endurance all of the way. It is the equivalent of 6 miles, and is not for the faint hearted – but at the same time it is going to be lots of fun!