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An interesting post from This is Kent.

If you read the article it says “But figures show Kent Police now has 284 fewer fast response officers in four fewer cars – and £20 million less is being forked out on their salaries.”  Which means that somehow the police manage to fit 71 officers in one car!!! Must be a world record surely….

A few other good points here:

  • Only two officers are on duty in some areas in Kent overnight. This was carried over from a protocol used in Thanet in the 1990s.  Erm, even I know that crime in Medway in particular has risen in the last 20 years to warrant more than two officers a night.
  • Less officers can mean more vulnerabilities. Some may think that they are wasting the taxpayers money – but who else is going to police the streets if we get rid of the police? They are a necessity and that will never change.

The truth is, police officers put their lives on the line everyday, and in some areas this is the literal every time they go on shift, why shouldn’t they receive a decent pension and a decent pay. After all would you walk your streets late a night on your own?