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I’m starting to think I am not as intelligent as my Monster. At 17 months old, they are regularly outsmarting me, but then again, they haven’t got to contend with over three decades of dormant knowledge and self-abuse (by over-doing things not by stimulants… ok perhaps coffee but that is it), and the continuous battle of fatigue due to not much sleep.

Any parent will tell you that as soon as you get up in the morning, or as soon as your small human alarm clock wakes you up, it is not over until you are back in your bed, and even then, there is no guarantee that you won’t have to get up out of your bed in the middle of the night.

Jack and I are woken up by a strong pair of lungs on a daily basis. Depending on who is going to work, they will get themselves ready while the other one deals with the small human. Given that Jack and I are both training for marathons, one of us may even be off to the lido, or out on the bike. We then all somehow get breakfast going, and manage to have something to eat. One or both of us will then go out to work while the other ones goes to the childminder first and then work or stays at home with Monster. Then the day begins.

Here is an excerpt of one of my Facebook status’:

My morning so far:
– Monster shot me with Calpol;
– I took Monster to the train station instead of the child minder;
– When finally got to the child minder’s, the back seat (including child) was covered in milk;
– Child refuses to walk up the road to the child minder so slung over shoulder like sack of potatoes; and
– a mini nearly side slams my car.

It’s not even 09:00am yet!

Jack and I are both in proactive, and rather sensitive positions which means that both come with high responsibility, and there is always the possibility that we will not finish work on time, so it is very much a tag-team event when dealing with childcare.

Though there are high points, for example, Monster may be intelligent but they let themselves down by reacting in a down right hysterical manner when being shown the little things. For example, peek-a-boo is still a good one, and then there is my ab-twister.

I no longer take offence the fact that every time I go into the kitchen Monster brings me my ab-twister, even though my husband narrates the scene with: “I’m not saying anything mummy, but I will just leave this here…” He is going to be really put out once Monster can speak for themselves.

The ab-twister, in all seriousness, is great if you are trying to tone up after having baby. It is fun to do, you can really get some speed on it, and for baby/toddler they find it hysterical to watch. Team it up with the track “You spin me right round,” or “Let’s twist again,” give the child either some maracas or a tambourine, and you have at least 30 minutes of exercise and entertainment.

Ideal!Another fitness trick I have added to the regime during pregnancy, and it is something I have continued to do nightly, is swats while cleaning my teeth. Gentle swats while pregnant is great for the pelvic floor muscles (if done in a particular way, and of course safely), you can vary it once you have had the baby and then when you are nearing the end of your recovery you can step it up if you want. It is also great if you are like me, and forget to charge up your toothbrush regularly. Once you know how many squats you can do in 2 minutes, then you can manually clean your teeth while exercising at the same time. Currently, I am up to 70.

If you work, then you can add to this by doing 10 squats every time you go to the toilets. They soon add up.

As above, you can incorporate it into your childcare regime. It is so funny watching a toddler copy you – those with little humans, try some yoga around them. Again, my Monster finds it hysterical when we do downward dog.

Finally, is it me or do Amazon use too much packaging when sending out items? I ordered a steamer mop and potty (for Monster, not myself) and look at the size of the box.

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This is one of many of my Amazon delivery comments, overall, I can’t complain about their service, I think by myself I am putting most of the employees’ children through further education, but some of the deliveries do make me question the common sense used.

On an end-note, I watched an episode of Paw Patrol with Monster, and didn’t know there was such a thing as a Blue Footed Booby bird. I thought it was because they couldn’t say ‘tit’ (as in Bluetit), on a children’s programme, but there is such a species and don’t they look awesome. Here is a picture below from the folks at Wikimedia Commons.