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We (Jack, Monster and I), disappeared for nearly a week to Sherwood Forest for a well earned break. A lot of things have happened over the past year, and it is not just the appearance of Monster, there have been new jobs, new ventures and new publications. This all takes time and a lot of work is carried out in balancing two full time jobs and childcare. Anyone in the same position will tell you, that coordinating childcare can be a full tine job in itself, and Monster has a variation (i.e. the childminder Savannah, my mother Dana, Jack and I). So Monster even at 18 months deserved a holiday too.

Well as always, it didn’t go as swimmingly as it could have. I have been working long hours which meant minimal time to pack, and I am surprised we actually made it there with all necessities. Jack and I have always been of the mindset that anything we need can be picked up along the way, except when you have a Monster that means carrying twice the amount of items we would usually take. However, we are frugal packers, we don’t over-pack, but with regards to Monster, if we are staying somewhere for 5 days, we will pack 8 days worth of clothes.

This came in handy when Monster threw up their body weight in the car on the way to Lucky 6 (I will explain more about them in a moment). This meant a slight detour and pit stop while I changed Monster fully, and Jack cleaned the car seat, the back seats, some of the car’s exterior – I have no idea how it got there either, but the way I kook at it, the lining of the car seat needed to be taken out anyway because Monster had outgrown it, so two birds, one stone.

What didn’t help the situation, was that I was feeling a tad sorry for myself because I had got my contact lense stuck in my eye the night before, so as well as nursing a headache, I was also dealing with a rough stomach by the end of that. But of course Monster felt much better afterwards so all was well.

Children are so up and down.

We stopped off at Lucky6 who deal with van conversions. Those who remember the Rogue Run days will recall Jack and I owned a van that we used to drive around Europe a few times a year. The short story is that the van blew up in Italy and even after 2 years of trying to put it right, we had to call it a day. The van is still in circulation, and giving its new owner hell on occasion, but we have decided to go for something bigger, given that we have an additional passenger now. Watch this space more updates to come.

We reached the cabin that evening and watched Monster run up and down the long floor space for an hour or so. Then we did something that is a rarity, we relaxed. Though this was short lived as Monster had a stomach upset overnight, you can now see how the clothes were rapidly going down, and with Monster you have to get them settled and back to sleep quickly, otherwise they are up for the rest of the night.

Guess what happened.

We made sure the second day was quiet and had no driving involved, on the third day, we went trekking in Sherwood Forest, we got Monster out of their pushchair so they could run around and what looked to be a minor fall ended up with a rather large lump on the side of Monster’s head. Needless to say it hadn’t been their holiday up until that point. It also meant carry them back to the cabin because they were so distressed. My back wasn’t having a holiday either, and while Jack was taking pictures of Monster’s war wound, there was me considering whether I should cut them in a fringe to cover it.

With regards to tourist attractions, it really is slim picking around there. We actually stayed in Sherwood Forest which had incredible scenery, but we thought Nottingham castle would be a good place to go to find out the actual story of Robin Hood.

The castle was 45 minutes away and there was nowhere to park (well not unless you wanted to spend a fortune), so that didn’t happen. Given that is was a Wednesday, I was not expecting there to be a beer festival on, which didn’t help. That was rather disappointing, but at the same time I wasn’t too unhappy about not finding out about Robin Hood. Visiting Lockness ruined the Lockness Monster for me, so it could have been a good thing.

Overall, if you want a nice break away Sherwood Forest is an amazing and peaceful place, unless you take a toddler (only joking). It was great hearing Monster learn new words and run around the forest to explore. In the evening, Jack and I spent some time in the hot tub, mainly to get rid of our aches and pains from the day, and being a night swimmer I have always found it majestic being in the water and looking up at the stars at night. In the middle of a forest, well the sci-fi author in me couldn’t help but recall X-Files and some aliens in forests films I had seen. Then my mind wondered if there are wolves in the forest. But looking up through the tall narrow trees soon put that to ease. If I had seen something move, I cannot confirm or deny whether I would have run back into the cabin or not.

As if the night views weren’t magical enough, the sunsets and sunrises were also worth the camera and tripod setup.

You know it is a good holiday when you are sad to leave the place and go back home. Jack and I have always been of the mindset that we want to travel the world, which likely means only visiting a place once or twice, Sherwood Forest is definitely going to be on our revisit list.

As for teaching Monster about Robin Hood, well I bought the Disney DVD and went from there.