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As book 4 will be released in the next month, I will be posting extracts of the first three books as a reminder of the journey so far beginning with the first novel which was released in 2007: The Dragon Realm Chronicles ‘Stefan Lowe’ The Devil, the Angel and the Carpenter’s Son. Please visit the Books and Art page to purchase the entire book.


Stefan returned to his apartment that Friday afternoon to find the light blinking on his fax machine.  Stefan occupied apartment six on the first floor of St John’s Tower. His family had been residents there for over seven generations.  He walked over to the fax machine and pressed the button whilst at the same time flitting through his post. The machine beeped and then played the only message recorded.“Mr Lowe, I am calling from Charlton & Co Solicitors concerning the offer to purchase St Towers Estate. Please could you call Carten Validine on 01 6578920 for an update, thank you”.  

“Blah blah blah,” said Stefan walking away from the machine and throwing the post onto a nearby chair. He rubbed his temples – he could feel the dull numbness return to his frontal lobe, glands and around the ears.  Stefan walked over to the fridge and opened the door. 

He peered in amongst the half eaten desserts and left over casserole that was next to an ever-greening cheese, and shrugged. He shut the door and began wandering around the apartment, which was very spacious holding a large living room, leading into an even larger dining area. From this there was a small kitchen off to one side (a wall with an arch separating the two), and two bedrooms one of which was his daughter’s Imogen. It catered for all of her toys, clothes everything a growing child could own (in Stefan’s interpretation several skips of junk), but he never had cause to complain when she was there. It was the only time he ever truly felt happy.  

With regards to material possessions, his apartment still held several articles of his mother’s. Up until her dying day she had been a traveller and must have circled the globe several times. 

Each wall in the apartment was covered in artefacts from her expeditions; hanging prints, tribal masks, weapons, wall ornaments, voodoo and dream dolls, and other antique mementos. 

An item that was by far Stefan’s favourite, was also one that had been in his family for generations. It was an antique medieval looking sword, mounted on the sideboard cabinet in his living room. The handle was made from pewter like material and displayed intricate carvings which were mimicked down the face of the blade, however these were covered by tarnish so they were virtually indistinguishable. There was an element of mystery to it, as the date of creation was unknown. 

Its rustic condition often led Stefan to assume it was either very old, or it had not been taken care of properly.  The blade was gloved by a soft velvet cover which looked newer than the sword itself. It was rather fragile and acted like a cloth skin as opposed to a protective casing. Stefan thought this odd but to his recollection there had never been an outer, more solid sheath.  

Hung on the wall above the sword was a giant print of a map of the earth with a pictorial timeline along the bottom, displaying all of the creatures of evolution. 

The map was another one of Stefan’s favourites, as it had been a gift from his mother from when they explored Africa over twenty years before. The map was more of a novelty piece and Stefan did not know if there was any fact behind it, he just found it intriguing.  Since his mother’s death the items Stefan did not want to keep were put up for auction. Half of the proceeds went to charity and the rest went on the co-purchase of St Luke’s Tower.   

The items which remained in the apartment segregated Stefan’s and his mother’s predilections. However, there were still many items with origins that could not be verified. In particular there was a key engraved with the letters DSS which hung in a frame next to Stefan’s wall map. Stefan’s mother had specified in her will to keep it close but she never mentioned what it unlocked. Stefan had his suspicions that there was a safety deposit box somewhere which contained hidden treasures – or rather that was more wishful thinking.  His mother had only left a solitary one-liner in her will about it, ‘…you will soon discover what the key is to. A companion will help you find your way…’ 

Even though this sounded cryptic, Stefan was confident in time the key would tell its tale.  In her will Stefan’s mother left the apartment to him but when she died he decided to purchase the whole of St John’s Tower (which was the same time he was looking at leaving law).  Stefan walked around the apartment feeling restless. He switched on the television using the remote, and started to flick through the channels. He wasn’t really paying any attention to the broadcasts it was just something he could apply his attention too. 

He continued to flick through the channels until a news bulletin caught his attention. He paused on the channel. The large print across the screen read ‘Britain’s largest snake abducted.’ Next to an overly large snake enclosure stood a reporter detailing the story.  

‘This morning Kensington Wildlife Park reported the loss of Gertrude, the largest recorded python in Britain. In the early hours of this morning, intruders broke into her enclosure and took her. Gertie, commonly referred to by her keepers, is a rare breed of python and quite valuable. It is thought this is what instigated her abduction.’ The camera showed damaged glass at the front of the enclosure with nothing inside but a few vines and branches over a small water feature in the centre. 

‘The wildlife park officials have yet to comment, but all wish for safe return. Police are treating this matter as very suspicious and are investigating within the park as well as outside.’  

‘Gertie was born in the park six years ago and has since been one of the park’s major attraction…’  

“That’s odd”, Stefan muttered. 

He switched off the television and strolled around the apartment again trying to find something to occupy himself. He looked through his large collection of books which were packed tightly on six large shelves dominating the width and height of one of his living room walls.  

The books varied different genres of fact and fiction but he could not decipher as to what mood he was in. Then something caught his eye.  He walked over to the large windows which curtained one of his living room walls, and peered out. The apartment in the tower opposite his had not been occupied for some time, but it looked as though a person, a woman to be more precise, had rented it. He stood there staring curiously until she came into view. She was young, very attractive with long golden blonde hair and soft porcelain features. She had an effervescence that captured Stefan instantly, he could not look away, and then she turned to see him. 

His heart skipped a beat, she too looked surprised as she was unaware that someone was watching her, but then she met his stare and smiled slightly. She then turned and walked into another room, out of Stefan’s sight. He shook his head and returned to reality, but the feeling did not subside. 

He felt the consumption of something he had not experienced in a long time, desire, attraction and the stirring of lust. It was a strange and dormant feeling. Stefan was young in years, and very attractive, but he had developed a ‘grumpy old man’ facade which repelled the opposite sex. 

Even though he had been divorced for nearly four years the concept of getting involved in another relationship was not the desired option he would choose at this point in time. On the contrary though, living at St Towers estate had suddenly become much more interesting. 


The third instalment to The Dragon Realm Chronicles is soon to be released. You can either purchase or obtain free copies of the first two books in this series by donating to my JustGiving page ( for the Channel swim and Aspire. In the meantime, please have a read of an excerpt from book 3:


“Imogen walked over to one of the sinks and turned on the tap. She placed her hands under the flowing warm water while she looked at herself in the large mirrors opposite trying so desperately not to cry. It was her last day, there were only a few more hours to go and then she could go home and pack.

She looked down as she made a bowl shape with her hands under the running water and splashed her face. She then grabbed a few paper towels with her eyes still closed and dabbed the excess water from her face. However, when opening her eyes she was greeted with an unexpected and somewhat horrific sight. In reaction she screamed.

Imogen saw that the reflection in the mirror was no longer hers. It was the face of an older woman who had the same colour hair and similar features, but it was definitely not Imogen. As she screamed the lights above flickered and then went off for a few seconds leaving her in less than brighter surroundings.

The lights slowly resumed their previous luminosity.

“Shit, what the hell…?” She said out loud. The strange being in the mirror opposite her had vanished and as before she saw a more familiar person in the reflection. She threw the paper towels to one side and quickly walked out of the room.”

The third instalment to The Dragon Realm Chronicles is soon to be released. You can either purchase or obtain free copies of the first two books in this series by donating to my JustGiving page ( for the Channel swim and Aspire. In the meantime, please have a read of an excerpt from book 3:


The year was 2023 and the atmosphere on Earth had changed dramatically. The parched plant life was now taking its last breathes before slowly withering away, back into the earth from whence it originally came.

Gravity (or lack thereof) was the cause. One day in 2003, without any warning, gravity just stopped. It was like it decided to leave the Earth. However it was not like the planet hadn’t given enough warning to its inhabitants, with its spontaneous volcanic eruptions, landslides in the most obscure places, tsunamis and tornadoes in the likes of Antarctica. The planet had become warmer for longer, there had not been a proper winter in two years before the changes began, and at the same time more sections of the oceans began to die due to over-fishing and construction developments. There was no air left for it to breath.

There could only be one answer, the Earth fighting back.

It was fighting against the human race, the overuse of resources, the degradation of the environment and the continuous reliance upon weaponry and mass destruction. The planet had fought back by cleansing itself of the vermin that had poisoned it for so long – the humans had killed themselves.

The life forms that hadn’t flown upwards to the void of space had learnt to evolve like their ancestral species, and clung on for as long as possible. However this was a devastation that the Earth and its inhabitants had not seen before, there was no historical references of what to do in such a situation. As time moved on, they small number of humans that survived has learned to adapt, by seeking shelter in buildings that were underground such as top secret military bases, that were no longer secret. The majority of life that managed to stay on the planet died from starvation or medical issues. It was difficult, as growing food in conditions with no natural light was not ideal. Many crops did not make it, and eventually some that were starving became dangerous.

It did not make any difference whether gravity was present for the time guardians or not, as they existed outside of time. This meant that they could roam freely around the planet to investigate.

Zephyr walked along some of the wasteland, he looked almost inconsolable at the sight of the decayed hills and fallen mountains. Rubble could be seen for thousands of miles, but the oceans that surrounded the rubble were somehow being revitalised. There was still some signs of plant life and small organisms growing around the damp earth near to where the waters were. Zephyr could not help but think the Earth was preparing to do a full cycle of evolution again.

“I don’t understand, this is not the way it was supposed to be,” said Zephyr.

“The humans had been warned several times,” said Olympia.

“I am going to take a closer look in the oceans,” said Zephyr.

He opened his concealed wings to their full extension and began to ascend upwards to fly to the nearest ocean. While the time guardians had a human look to them, they possessed all of the biological aspects of the dragon. It was easier to transport through time or to fly somewhere quickly. Dragons were directional protectors to look after humanity, they also had the ability to blend into their surroundings so as to avoid detection. The time guardians also had this.

Once high enough Zephyr headed west towards the Irish Sea. Once there he did not see any signs of life, until he flew further north. While combing the water beneath, he saw a fountain of water shoot up from the surface. As he neared this eruption, thinking it was another volcano, he saw several more appear from the water. He tucked in his limbs and wings and dived into the water like a rocket. As soon as his head broke through the surface, his skin changed to a colour blue which mimicked the water around him.

In the distance as he shot himself through the water to where the breaches had appeared, he saw a pod of blue whales swimming, completely unaffected it seemed by what had happened around them. Zephyr launched himself upwards through the water and took to flight again back towards his brothers to report the news.

“What happened? Did the Earth just give up?”

The Dragon Realm Chronicles - The Black Hole Wrath

The Dragon Realm Chronicles – The Black Hole Wrath