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Why do we rely so much on technology nowadays? Our parents (depending on how old they are) never had a panic attack if their mobile phones, tablet PCs or music devices malfunctioned – mainly because if they were of my parents’ generation there were no such thing back then.

However nowadays we are so reliant on technology that we have become so trusting and perhaps somewhat complacent that it will always work every time.

Last year was a prime example of this. The Smiler ride at Alton Towers failed where one of the carriages holding passengers did not stop and crashed into the back of another carriage. It has now been revealed that this was due to a health and safety issue and the owner of the theme park has admitted that further precautions could have been taken. However the four individuals seated at the front of the carriage that crashed have suffered life changing injuries. While the owner of the park ensured that those injured and their families would not want for anything, two of the individuals have lost limbs.

The investigation continues and I feel it will be a while before we know the full story about what happened that day both on technological and operational aspects.

Further information about the whole incident along with the investigation can be found on the BBC website.