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I remember years ago coordinating an article for Lotus Magma about unusual job titles. If I had a quirky LinkedIn job title, I think it would definitely be the above. When I think of time travel, I think Dr Who, hence the cover picture, which was taken at the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff by Neil Thompson. Ideally, I would have sketched something for this blog, but didn’t have the time, so on the to-do list it goes.

Like most people, I bend time, like Beckham bends footballs. It is imperative for my job, as well as my personal life that the ducks stay in a row, the balls say up in the air and any other choice phrases one think of. It has been more than once that I have managed to compress 20 hours of work into 7, and then go home and deal with a highly energetic toddler. But this is something that most working parents have to do, though I don’t know how many have been at a self service check-out, looked away for a second, only to find their toddler is up on the scanner trying to put themselves through as an item.
I often think about what we can fit into the limited time we have available. For example, what you can do in 20 minutes.

In 20 minutes I can easily walk from one end of the square mile to the other, I can swim three-quarters of a mile, write and publish an article, play with the Monster and thoroughly wear them out and much more.
In the most recent installment of The Dragon Realm Chronicles, I detailed that one of the characters was working on a campaign to extend our day to 30 hours. It does sound very unlikely that such a change would happen in our lifetime, but never say never. I will be covering more in book 5, which will hopefully be released this year.

While I believe that increasing a day to 30 hours is unrealistic, a 28-hour day might just work. We live longer, we would get more done, granted our retirement years would be shorter but some people can spend decades retired. That topic alone I feel would be the most contentious, take the non-work years away from your future, to get more done in the day now, who can honestly be appointed to determine that? Our government? Oh dear.

A few months ago, after work, in 20 minutes I had collected shopping, went to Starbucks to wait for a friend, and penned (well on the laptop) another chapter of book four. I then wondered how many performances have been written in Starbucks.

Interestingly, as I proofed and wrote, and rewrote sections of the final scenes of book 4, a woman next to me had just finished writing a script, all she had to do was write the lyrics (so I overheard as she spoke on her mobile). She was in yesterdays clothes and the final scenes had really taken it out of her, but she and I were clearly sharing a kindred few moments. Writing takes over you, not the other way around. This is also common with artists, it is like it tears you apart if you do not finish what you started, and sometimes it can take years to finish a piece.

Apparently J K Rowling went through the same thing when she finished Harry Potter. She was in a hotel room and she had just finished the final scenes, it was complete and ready for proofing and she burst into tears. That was her joy and relief moment, her journey for many years had reached an end. Well, a pause, we all know that more followed after.

I often hear music when I finish a piece of writing, or finish some artwork. that’s how I know it is truly finished.

I often look at Monster and wonder if they will experience the same thing as they grow up, they certainly have the temperament and the belligerence that follow the Fox bloodline, but I think their creativity will flow more analytically than visually.

Time travel is always something that has fascinated me, I am working on a new book at present which details my take on the subject. It is fiction again, but as with all of my books, they interlink with one another and there is always some element of truth behind the fantasy, based on research and developments either from historical scientific accounts or modern day developments.

Watch this space.