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Anyone who has a Monster knows that when you are unwell and the child is also unwell that you just have to suck it up and carry on. There is no other way around it. A few weeks ago we took Monster to their first family Easter egg hunt. Clearly someone had been ill because several days after many family members came down with a sickness bug. This sickness bug had been doing the rounds in the area the Easter egg hunt had taken place, there were even notices displayed in the surrounding surgeries about how bad it was.

The first member of the household to come down with this dreaded bug was Monster, given that Monster has a good immune system, it was interesting to see them get ill first. Then it was me and finally Jack which was even more surprising given that Jack has the constitution of a rhino, and he had it worse than all of the family members affected.

As a result, our brand-new kitchen sink was christened several times, as we couldn’t get upstairs quick enough, and we were a household of unwell for a week.

A further note is that Monster did develop a rash, it was not ‘the rash’ that we all must be aware of, it was a viral infection due to being ill. A very reassuring sign is when you gently spread the skin and the rash disappears or of course, press a tumbler glass over the affected area.

Another skill a parent picks up is the art of distraction, especially when children are becoming mobile and are ill at the same time. You continuously baby proof and keep the dangerous objects out of their way and it is typical that a child can be surrounded with the world of toys but they would rather go and play with a plug socket instead.

In the kitchen, Monster’s food was kept in a cupboard which was accessible, so now that they are mobile, we knew that something had to be done. In retrospect it was conflicting making it Monster’s cupboard with said child knowing full well their food and snacks were in there and then being told they cannot go near it.

The cupboard in question is short with two large doors at the front and a draw on the top. Monster can easily open cupboard doors and take things out we spent most of our time putting the contents back in as well as there being a never-ending sea of ‘Nos’! Therefore, a few weekends ago, I emptied the cupboard and put the food into our kitchen cupboards and refilled the cupboard with Monster’s toys.


This worked in two ways; firstly, it meant that Monster did not run the risk of picking up glass jars of food and dropping them, and secondly, Monster could get the toys out of the cupboard any time they wanted, and it meant that the ‘restricted section’ of the kitchen (where the cooker is etc) was easier to maintain and keep Monster out of because they were distracted.

Naturally as they were now allowed to go into the cupboard the novelty wore off quickly and now they don’t go near it. They are just spending the time trying to find out where mummy hid the food.


Another point that I have learnt since Monster has been more mobile is their pursuit of more independence. So I try and get them involved as much as possible which is useful when trying to clean and do the dreaded household chores. Needless to say that distraction and diversion are your best friends when having a child. Some also say that negotiation is a friend but I choose to believe in compromise. Monster is crafty and the last thing I want is them to think they can outsmart Mummy and Daddy.

Lastly, I thought I would share another toy to make it on the most wanted hit list. The Monster obscure toy of the month goes to a Kitten and its carrier.

While it makes a nice addition to the interesting toy collection, the sounds it makes it literally like a cat is being strangled. It does have the educational aspect as they all do, because children cannot have toys these days it seems without numbers or the alphabet included as standard. This toy did make a good conversation piece at work and a colleague lunch recently, as the toy was delivered to my workplace, it meant we all got to test it out before hand, so by the time Monster had the toy is was…. Well…. second hand.

On the flipside, a task that I am gaining more gratification out of is the VW Beetle ‘ride-on’ that we acquired. It was in need of a paint job, but very good for its age.


Jack primed the body, the colours were picked and now we are in the process of painting it and it is looking good I must say. I have even ordered personalised number plates for it and some VW badges as the finishing touches. Fingers crossed Monster likes they end result, they are already having fun rolling it across the floor when Mummy is trying to masking tape it up.

Watch this space for more updates.