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A few weeks ago the Daily Mail online posted an article about how hackers spy through your webcams, nanny cams and your computers. This article of course made its way on to Facebook where people thought it was shocking. However if you think about it, it isn’t really that surprising.

We in this consumer driven technological society, have to have the latest gadgets which have to connect to the internet so we can share stories using dozens of apps frequently throughout the day. Our lives have never been so documented, its a hacker’s dream, so why are people surprised when others can hack into their live feeds, newsfeeds and any other feed, sometimes effortlessly.

We openly and with consent post pictures of animals, children and locations online all of the time thinking that they are within the comfort and bounds of password protected walls, when really they are not.

So many unfortunately make the mistake of not checking their settings, using the same password for everything, and then are up in arms when they find a picture of a loved one on some other site which they did not give permission to.

Being a technology professional, I have seen and heard the horror stories, but for this very reason, I do not post anything online that is personal, hence why I very rarely post pictures on Facebook or Twitter unless I don’t care if they are ‘ripped off’ for want of a better phrase. If I had children their pictures and videos would certainly not be online, if they want to do that when they are older fine, but I am not risking any personal pictures being taken for ‘personal use’ by someone else.

When I shared the above as a more minimised response to the Daily Mail link on Facebook, I was told “Big Brother is always watching us”. Well, aside from CCTV in public places, ‘Big Brother’ will only watch you, if YOU let it.

Remember, if you post anything online, whether it be through a website, webcam and so on, no matter how secure you think it is, there is always someone out there who is able to decrypt, hack and infiltrate.

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